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Digital footprint assessment

Based on the email address or domain name that you give us on signing up, Cyber Alarm's advanced AI systems will search the internet to learn everything about your online setup. For example, we will identify who manages your email, where your website is hosted, what social media accounts you have, what security settings you have enabled and so much more.

Online ID theft protection

Much like your offline ID theft protection, Cyber Alarm continually searches the web for domains that are trying to copy your domain name, websites that are trying to impersonate your site or social media accounts that are pretending to be you. You can access your Online ID Report 24/7.

Automated incidence response

Most small businesses don't have a big IT team that can handle the response to a cyber incident. Cyber Alarm's machine learning algorithms process hundreds of incidents and resolutions. Drawing on this knowledge, Cyber Alarm can automatically respond to many known hacks in real time to protect your business and swiftly resolve any issues.

Online system security scanner

We will regularly scan your online systems to detect any known weaknesses that could leave you vulnerable to hackers. We check hundreds of risk points from out-of-date software to badly configured accounts and known compromised online applications.

Stolen data monitor

Data breaches can cause major problems; but most businesses don't even know that their data has been stolen until it has been used and abused. Cyber Alarm's innovative tools will allow you to know as soon as your data is stolenn, so that you can prevent the worst effects of the data breach and notify your clients (and relevant authorities) accordingly.

Online threat analysis

The most important thing that anyone can do to stay safe online is to be aware of potential risks and threats. We understand that you are too busy to follow every new twist and turn, so we do this for you and share our knowledge in simple, condensed form to keep you one step ahead.

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  • 1 primary domain
  • 1 email (in data breaches)
  • Most common scans
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • No commitment


£ 29 Monthly
  • 1 primary domain
  • 5 emails (in data breaches)
  • Advanced scans
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • 7-day free trial
  • Cancel any time
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